Who are JJ Optometry Ltd?

JJ Optometry Ltd is a company run by Jonathan Jennett (Jay), a qualified optometrist.



What problem did we solve?

Jay decided to set up his own company to to provide an eye test service for those who cannot leave their home unaided. He worked in practices in Fife, Edinburgh and the Borders and as part of this role, he visited people at their homes to carry out eye sight tests. He found that there was an increasing need for people requiring home visits, so decided to set up his own company to provide this service.


  • Jay needed a small website to effectively announce his company's arrival and to provide details on exactly what services he delivers and in which locations.
  • He wanted it to be clear and simple, and easy to navigate around by the user.
  • He also wanted it to be easy to amend and update at any time.


Jay approached Wysiweb to provide him with a website so that he can effectively communicate with his target audience.



What was the outcome?


jjoptometry.co.uk - a website that:


  • represents JJ Optometry professionally;
  • is designed well with current design tenets including white space and is 'clutter-free';
  • is very easy for the user to understand and navigate around;
  • can easily be updated by Jay and JJ Optometry administrators


This website was developed in WordPress.



Snapshots of the JJ Optometry website pages are shown below.

Alternatively you can visit their website at jjoptometry.co.uk.