Who are LC Joinery, Roofing & Building Work?

LC Joinery, Roofing & Building Work - 'LC Joinery' - are exactly as their company name describes. They are a company based in Thornton, Fife and serve the whole of Fife, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.



What problem did we solve?

LC Joinery had an old website that had been built a number of years ago. 

  • It was therefore out-of-date and not been designed with any key design tenets applied to it.
  • It was cluttered and was not easy on the eye. 
  • Linke were broken and sections of information were missing.
  • They needed a portfolio to display their work. LC Joinery had many photos which is wished to upload.
  • Information provided was out-of-date as the user did not have the ability to update it.
  • The website was therefore not attractive to its users and was no longer getting any enquiries online.
  • A blog was required to add current, fresh content both for its audience and for the search engines.
  • A testimonials section was required to provide recommendations about the quality of their work.
  • A big source of potential revenue was being lost because of these aforementioned reasons.



Lee Combe of LC Joinery approached Wysiweb to provide a great looking website which addressed each and every one of these issues. He was very keen to grow the company and so it was paramount to get a powerful website in place to gain new customers.


What was the outcome? 


lcjoineryroofing.co.uk - a website that:


  • represents LC Joinery professionally;
  • has a clear structure with simple navigation
  • is very appealing to the eye, with modern design templates and a great looking layout;
  • has images that are used throughout the site to engage the audience;
  • is dynamic with animation features;
  • has numerous 'calls-to-action';
  • has a stunning portfolio with numerous images and dynamic functionality;
  • has a sliding testimonials page;
  • has a blog to provide fresh up-to-date content;
  • can easily be updated by LC Joinery administrators.


This website was developed in WordPress.



Snapshots of the LC Joinery website pages are shown below.

Alternatively you can visit their website at lcjoineryroofing.co.uk.



LC Joinery home page