SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, is key to getting your website found by your target audience.


Maximise the reach of your website

Optimisation is also commonly known as SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation.

We at Wysiweb ensure that optimisation (the hidden workings of your website) is in place to drive your target audience to your great-looking website. After all, there’s no point having a juice bar in the middle of the Sahara Desert if no-one is able to find it.


How it works

The mechanics of the search engines are highly structured and conform to defined algorithms. In order to ensure exposure to the widest possible audience by appearing higher up search engine results, key elements are required in the structures and foundations of your website.

On-page optimisation ensures that we code your website with the most appropriate keywords, meta data (e.g. title tags and description, header tags and alt tags) so that Google and other search engines will locate your website when your target audience are looking for a website with your offering. With your input, we will carry out keyword research to determine the most appropriate keywords for your website.

We ensure that these elements are a core part of the delivery of your website.


Influencing external factors to increase search ranking

Off-page optimisation is where search engines look for links to your website from other websites. Google gives higher priority to off-page optimisation as these factors are much harder to influence than optimising your own website. Harnessing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is one way to create these inbound links can increase the effectiveness of your site through off-page optimisation.

We can run SEO campaigns for you to help to raise the profile of your website on-line.


Google tools

We can also help with configuring your Google account correctly which will impact the effectiveness of your Google ranking.

Included in the delivery of your website, we will provide you with access to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and the appropriate training so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your website yourself. Or if you would prefer, we can do this for you.